The Dragon Dung Hits The Fan

She had suggested moving the money into hard assets then liquidate them. They needed to leave the planet to leave a false trail anyway. So a couple hops then they could return. A small flat on that tropical island, wired with a few small cameras to watch for pursuit. Selina told him what the Queen would do when she caught them.

So he would use some of the money to help those fighting the Queen. First Selina needed clothing as he promised.

He looked at the decker as they got back on the ship and asked, “Did you get the ship?” He wanted it because it would slow down the Queen’s prison operation. at least that one. He knew that the money missing would tick her off, She could generate money this would be a surface wound. Stealing that ship would be a symbolic sword thrust to the belly. A sign to others that she was, he paused at this thought, vulnerable just like everyone else. Others would also start to prey on her empire. It would force her to expend assets and manpower. He wasn’t a thief, he as a bloody hero.

However, all that could wait, that night it was about celebrating. Selina, gleeful to finally be close to leaving this wretched planet as well as putting the hurt on The Queen for her years of torture, was eager to get Kalel all to herself to express just how excited she was. In the morning, they went shopping for clothes, Selina found plenty of gorgeous gowns and dresses. High end stuff, corporate-made, by the finest off-world designers. No expense spared.

It was like a dream come true for her. She had a man she could love and trust, and a future she could look forward to. All that remained was getting off of this blasted planet.


"Our analysts have confirmed the code used to slice into the accounts, milady." The Crimson Accountant said as he lowered his head to the floor in subservience before The Crimson Queen. "It was Her."

Lilith's lips curled into a grin. "The prodigal daughter has returned... That explains the security announcement. Her programming let us know what her other half was up to..."

"Lanstrom made her loyal, even if she thinks she isn't." The Accountant said.

Lilith's smirk twisted with disgust at the mention of Lanstrom. "Shame the same couldn't be said of Lanstrom herself... but then delusions of godhood tend to do that... I take it the lack of contact from our death squad means they failed?"

"That or the blizzard knocked out communications... However, it may be moot. Sources inside The Eyrie say that Jhonen Cross and his team were dispatched to the colony."

"My beloved will set this straight then, it seems." She chuffed in amusement. "No doubt she will bargain..." A look of concern flashed before her features for a moment. "He won't accept it however. He knows she can't be allowed to roam free... he is so noble that way... Ugh..." She rolled her eyes. "In either case, my game is preserved. Jhonen will slay her, of that I have no doubt. She thinks she's a god... yet she is just another demon... And Jhonen... well we all know the name he goes by..."

There was a silence before the Accountant spoke again. "And what of the funds that were stolen from us?"

"Selina's true side left all the information to reclaim our stolen funds..." Lilith said. "And the location of the man behind this little scheme... Kalel Lamkin..." Her lips curled further.


It was during the night that they came. A Crimson Death Squad. They were quick to breach the perimeter of Kalel's home. The security measures he had in place were like a child's toys to them. It didn't take long for four of them to reach the bedroom where Kalel and Selina were sleeping, naked, with the sheets entangled around them both in a blissful rest.

They didn't count on Syvavesi, however.

The water dragon whipped through the bedroom in a blur and was already making a mess of the first assassin. The cries he made immediately woke Selina and Kalel. The other three assassins were focused on the dragon too much to see that Selina, of all people, had leaped out of bed and was in the process of dispatching all three assassins with a cold efficiency that was unlike anything Kalel had even seen.

Her naked form dashed across the bed, when she got to the first assassin she snapped his neck in a fluid motion, effortless, and then her hands coiled around the dead assassin's rifle. She turned it on the second, the silenced rounds pelting the armored suit the assassin was wearing. However the shots were staggering enough that it gave her time to discard the dead assassin, reach the second, then jam the rifle in the assassin's neck where the helmet and the body armor met, then she squeezed off a couple rounds which proved fatal for the second assassin as puffs of red mist erupted from his neck.

Then she turned to the final assassin who was trying to fend off Syvavesi. Selina felt a new sense of rage at the sight of this one trying to harm the dragon, who had been nothing but sweet and loyal to her Kalel and to her. She pulled a knife from the belt of the second assassin and rushed to the third, she grabbed him by the helmet, exposing the weak point in the armor. She plunged the knife into the assassin's neck. Multiple times in fact. The assassin let out a gurgling gasp of surprise as he fell to the ground and clutched at his throat, but he was already choking on his own blood and soon expired on the floor.

It was then that the blood fugue Selina had slipped into subsided. She looked at herself, her flawless skin now spattered with blood. She dropped the knife and looked at Kalel, horrified. "What did I...?"

Before she could finish her question more gunfire erupted outside. There were more assassins, yet someone, it seemed, was engaging them.

Once the duo got dressed, and Selina had washed the blood from her body, they soon found out who it was.

A large mechanical suit of power armor was wiping the floor with more assassins.

"Hilda!" Selina exclaimed.

"Oh thank the gods, I'm not too late!" Hilda said upon seeing Kalel and Selina. "You guys kicked the fucking hornets nest! The Queen's put a hit on you, Kalel!" She tossed an assassin at another and the two went careening across the rocky ground until they fell in a broken heap on the desert ground. "What the fuck did you do?" Hilda asked.

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