By the prophet’s beard

Kalel was in shocked at the speed that Selina dispatched the assassins. By the time he got out of bed and got his gun, all of them were dead. Watching Selina was like a very erotic and evil, unlike Kalel she was a real killer. She reacted with precision and speed beyond anything he could imagine. He talked a big talk and he dreamed big, but his strength was in planning and building.

He looked at Syvavesi and said, “You did good!” Kalel picked up the rifle and slung it over his back. He pulled the ammo belt with multiple magazines that were taped for quick loading. Then he grabbed their ids and cred chips.

He grabbed one laptop and pulled money from the account. The unsecured cred chips could hold 10k and he had two, three with one from the assassins. He could have bought a bought a small island with what they stole. He knew it would be gone before they got out of the building. It would take a court order and he knew the Queen had a judge or two on her payroll. He got 30k. His new ship would be gone before it got delivered.

As Selina showered, he started to pack up his gear. His new laptop, the optical transceivers, and his radio equipment and his big computer. It all fit in one trunk. That he placed on a cart and started to prepare to leave with Selina. Going back Selina pulled an envelope from the pocket of one of the guards. As they prepared to leave, gun fire erupted. Selina took the gun and the belt, Kalel had his side arm and one of the guards assault Pistols.

They came out to find Hilda standing over another dead assassin. Kalel looked at his droids in pieces and what pissed him off was his fruit trees damaged.

When Hilda asked the question, Kalel swore in his native tongue then said, “You where there when this was planned out.”
After a moment he stated the most obvious thing, “Something went wrong or someone sold me out.”

His personal data pad buzzed with a message. He looked at it quickly, it was a message from Decker. The team they worked with were all dead, assassins. Kalel mentioned this as he threw his datapad on the ground and shot it with the assassin’s side arm. The datapad exploded.

Selina held the card in her left hand and handed it to Hilda as she bought her weapon up and turned scanning the area.

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