Ink out of his element

Ink had not been in a good mood when the mission began. Foster had ordered him to abide by Cross' plan, and to be fair, the plan was just fine. The only problem was, it left Ink miles out of his element. Ink thrived when working solo, in the shadows, where he could operate undetected. Instead here he was, leading a rookie and two external contractors through the whitest environment Ink had the misfortune to visit in years.

Not that he wasn't prepared for such eventualities. His suit was white as the blizzard surrounding them, and the snow barely made a sound as he stepped through it. But Void could not change color, standing out against the snow like an ink stain on white paper, and had to stay distant for the time being. When forced to be so far from her, Ink always felt on edge. Combined with leading an unproven team who were not trained at all in stealth, he moved with them with a knot in his stomach.

It was little surprise then, that the mutants fell upon them as they had. Figures, was the first word that popped into his mind as they practiced the very opposite of stealth, unloading ammo like a small army. He tried to move them into a more strategic position when the massive distraction was activated and the monsters took off. He stared after them, rather dumbfounded. During the battle, they had seemed more intelligent than this.

"Who the hell did that?" Anna asked as the living failures started to rush towards the entertainment district leaving the group alone in the blood stained snow. She looked to the others in confusion. And then her tac-link went off, a burst transmission inside the colony, from an unknown frequency. She answered it. "Who is this?"

Ink, meanwhile, sent a short text message to Jhonen's tac-link. White mutants attacked. No casualties. Mutants distracted by bright lights and noise from entertainment district. Stay on guard.

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