Samuels Plan

Crystal glared that the stranger. “It seems we don’t have much choice” crystal said. She crossed her armed and glaring at the stranger as they followed him.

Samuel stayed near Cristal hoping to keep her from killing the Stranger. He kepted his auto shotgun at the ready hoping things don’t go south.

“ my name is Arurora, I can help you get into the building just get one of the doors and quickly it will not be long before Lanstrom find out what I’m doing and comes after me. I’ll be no help if she gets to me first” she said. When Anna and the others approached the it opens letting them into the facility. They all shuffled inside, and Ayers locked the door again. Jhonen turned to look at the group and sighed. "So now we need to figure out our next step... We need to get to Lanstrom... Any ideas?"

It was silent a rather tense silence. “he pulled a device form his pack slowly not to get people to excited. He places it in the ground he punches some keys on the pad. A holographic 3D map appears. “first problem is they know we are here, so a surprise attack is not work well.” points out Samuel. We are here pointing at the map moving it around where we think are target is here some 3 klicks away.” we could attack form to points with a third group causing a diversion and try to draw as many enemies as they can.” He looks up at people to see if they are listening then continues. “we could wait for the dragons that would work for the diversion but don’t know if we want to wait that long” sagest Samuel.

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