Working Out The Details

(OOC: I'm not sure if there's some confusion as to where Anna and Ink and The Darks are in relation to Jhonen and the others. Jhonen and the others are in the residential district, Anna and her team is near the refinery on the opposite end of the colony where Emerson and the others are located. I'm gonna make that clear so there's no confusion.)
It was silent a rather tense silence. “he pulled a device form his pack slowly not to get people to excited. He places it in the ground he punches some keys on the pad. A holographic 3D map appears. “first problem is they know we are here, so a surprise attack is not work well.” points out Samuel. We are here pointing at the map moving it around where we think are target is here some 3 klicks away.” we could attack form to points with a third group causing a diversion and try to draw as many enemies as they can.” He looks up at people to see if they are listening then continues. “we could wait for the dragons that would work for the diversion but don’t know if we want to wait that long” sagest Samuel.

Jhonen grimaced. "Solid plan but if Lanstrom is anywhere it's at the mining facility up the mountain. The mining guild uses that large freight elevator to ferry ore, supplies, and workers up to the mining site. It's nearly at the peak. We will need to secure that elevator before anything... Which will be a problem. Lanstrom controls that. We have to find a way to..." Jhonen's tac-link beeped, a text from Ink.

White mutants attacked. No casualties. Mutants distracted by bright lights and noise from entertainment district. Stay on guard.

"Seems Blackout's okay..." He frowned and looked to Beck. "Any of your men in the entertainment district?"

Beck shook his head. "It's just me, Pike, and Ayers. The rest are currently decorating the walls of another housing module..."

"So it seems we may have someone else wanting to help..." Jhonen's brow furrowed as he hailed Ink. "Blackout, take shelter. We need to reassess and come up with a new plan of attack. Cross out."


Jhonen's order to go to ground prompted Blackout to look to the nearby refinery, a massive complex with sturdy weatherproofing shutters. A solid place to hold up, obviously. When they reached the refinery they found it to be locked up tight.

“I can help you get into the building just get one of the doors and quickly it will not be long before Lanstrom find out what I’m doing and comes after me. I’ll be no help if she gets to me first” she said. Aurora said as the door to the refinery unlocked. Anna went to it first and forced it open, letting the others inside before stepping inside as well and shutting it closed behind her. Aurora engaged the safety lock once more. The air inside the refinery was warmer. Anna removed her Arctic survival suit's helmet, which collapsed into a storage container on her back and the looked to the others.

"So we thinking this girl is a survivor? A local?" She hailed Aurora again. "Aurora? Where are you exactly? And who are you?"

However, before Aurora could reply there was the sound of hurried footsteps and weapon slides being racked. Anna turned and aimed her rifle up at the steel walkway above them where the noise came from and saw a woman aiming her own rifle down at the trio. However she lowered it the moment she realized that Anna and the others weren't uplifted.

Ezra Singh let out a sigh of relief. "Oh fuck me you scared me. You must be part of Cross's team? The Queenslayers?" She smirked at them. "Welcome to Golden Peak... the coldest fucking hell on Jericho..."

The group gathered in the overseer's office. Sebastian Hammond and Emerson Holiday were looking over old blueprints of the refinery when Ezra brought the Queenslayers in. Hammond sighed with relief as well when he saw them.

"So Cross got my message. Good. Where is he?" Hammond asked.

"Holed up with some Crimson mercs in the residential district." Anna explained.

"You still in contact with him?" Ezra asked.

"Indeed they are." Jhonen responded over Anna's tac-link. "It's good to know you all have managed to stay alive."

"Barely." Ezra muttered. "We're trying to hold out in the refinery until this blizzard blows over. We plan to use Emerson's ship to get the hell out of here."

"We can't," Jhonen said. "Not before taking out Lanstrom... I hear we have a mysterious benefactor as well...?"

"Yes, a girl called Aurora. She may be a local, but she seems to know the colony's systems enough to open doors and such..." Anna said.

"Aurora?" Jhonen tried hailing her. "Can you hear me? Can you tell me what happened to you and the people here?"


The wind was relentless, icy, and roared through the icy mountains very much like the dragons that were currently making their way through the whiteout. It was difficult, yet to the dragons, it was merely an inconvenience.

Midnight was the one least effected, given his warm coat, with snow clumping it up. Yet he was comfortable. Dastan was the one having a hard time, flying behind the court as they wound through the mountains towards their destination. Their bonds pulling them towards their human companions. Dastan was from the desert, not quite used to the cold yet was braving it all the same. Void and Tempest were in the middle, not far behind Midnight.

Anya was the only one that seemed to not be present, yet her scent was there. Faint. She flew her own sky path. Towards her Jhonen.

There was a foul smell in the air, somewhat masked by the cold yet present nonetheless. The smell was that of some of the human-looking entities that they had come into contact with... the human animals they had fought in the caves... a plastic-like scent that belied the artifice of the strange creatures. Yet this was different, there was a distinct hint of very real flesh. A twist of the false and real, chemical, wrong. It was the smell of something that shouldn't be.

Instinct argued that this was a smell that should be avoided at all cost. Yet training and the bond demanded they ignore instinct, push forward, and fight alongside their bondmates against this strange foe.

They still had a ways to go, however, the wind and cold seemed hell bent on delaying their arrival as much as possible...

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