Crimson Night

When Hilda asked the question, Kalel swore in his native tongue then said, “You where there when this was planned out.”
After a moment he stated the most obvious thing, “Something went wrong or someone sold me out.”

His personal data pad buzzed with a message. He looked at it quickly, it was a message from Decker. The team they worked with were all dead, assassins. Kalel mentioned this as he threw his datapad on the ground and shot it with the assassin’s side arm. The datapad exploded.

Selina held the card in her left hand and handed it to Hilda as she bought her weapon up and turned scanning the area.

"That's what I meant!" Hilda argued as she took the card from Selina. "Look, this place isn't safe. Your little hobbit hole and the colony are swarming with Crimson operators. We need to get out of here, get you to a safe place..."

Selina looked to Kalel. "Your people! My darling, they'll slaughter everyone!"

Hilda felt a pang of guilt for the people of Kalel's settlement. Yet she was just one armored gearhead. She could withstand a lot but The Queen had unleashed an army onto Kalel's settlement. No doubt the dragoon were en route, however knowing that The Queen had ties to The Jericho Council... odds are they'd be delayed just long enough for the damage to be done... "Kalel... I'm sorry, but we have to go..."

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