Ink's priority: defense

As the others discussed the helpful stranger, Ink had other matters on his mind. The activation of the entertainment center was a stroke of luck, but they'd almost had it against the Uplifted, and should the lights and noises turn off or fail to hold the attention of the mutants for long, they would quickly be overwhelmed down here.

He looked at the emergency escape plan by the door. It was rough, but it told him enough. There were several layers of criss-crossing suspended walkways weaving between the silos inside the refinery. There was a small station at the edge of the uppermost walkways, on top of a silo, serving as a central control post for the automated processes of the workfloor. The high ground, excellent sight lines and limited access points made it easily the most defensible location in the complex. He could actually see it from their low vantage point.

While Jhonen tried to hail Aurora, Ink turned to the group and said: "We need defensible ground. Up there." He pointed up to the control post. "Follow me. Quiet." He moved toward a nearby silo with a set of rungs welded on, put his guns away, and started to climb.

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