Once More, From The Black

((Jericho Orbital Space, On Approach))

It still was a sight to take in. The beautiful glow of the sunrise cresting over the terminator was always a good wake up call.

You have 3 messages unopened, went the computer.

"Yeah yeah," Holiday went, rubbing his face. His beard was coming in thick now and he felt a few pounds heavier sitting in the thrust chair. But at least he was flying again. No gorram drones doing the work, all of it at human control.

Incoming Transmission

He sighed. He flicked on his screen, watching as the lines waved across it as the static settled. "Holiday!" Went the manager. "Quit your lollygaging, we need this freight to port yesterday!"

"You say the same thing every time," he remarked with a sigh.

"I am being serious this time, some idiot marked the time stamps wrong. This isn't at Jericho actual in the next four hours, you can kiss the commission goodbye."

He shook his head, amazed at the laziness. Well, he might as well do his job. He flicked his wrist a bit, the joystick making him flip around until he saw the mining ship. While the actual planet did have resources abundant on the surface, a few of the materials needed for industry and starship hulls was equally found around Jericho VIb, a tidal locked moon that glowed blood red from the volcanic activity brought up by the tidal pressure of Jericho VI.

His engines puffed him forward, firing retrograde when he was close enough. The cargo drone had already begun to push the crate towards his awaiting cargo hatch, a dull, metal thud and scraping in there marking the catch. "Detaching," called the other ship. "I got it," he commed back.

With the cargo secure, he flipped once more around, this time making for Jericho actual. It was nearly forty-five minutes of silence except for the thruster assembly. When the craft began to rock back and forth, he applied the reverse thrust.

"De Lacy-Tango 485, to Jericho Actual, requesting landing clearance," he miked, peeling through the clouds. "Carrying metals and ore for refinery with a note of expediency."

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