Should have gone to the beach.

Kalel growled at the comment and grabbed what he could. They were hurting his people and that was more than he could take. This was what mattered to him. Now he was going to make the Queen pay. For ever child, every father, every mother that was hurt or killed. She would pay.

He grabbed Selina’s free arm as she unloaded the rifle. He pulled her with him as he followed Hilde. He prayed a harsh prayer for the death of his enemy and for those who oppose her. His eyes teared as homes and lives were destroyed.

It was a sick smile that came across his face, she was vulnerable. Even getting the money back cost her some face. Others would follow his lead, now all he had to do was survive. He had survived worse, the crash had nearly killed him. He would service this too.

He started to analyze the data as they ran. Hilde, Decker, and Selina all knew about the plan. The three knew about that he cared about his people and the settlement. Only Selina knew about the money swap. That money was gone. That made her most likely his mole. He needed to get safe and get Selina into a Fareday cage so he could come up with a plan. He should kill her right here, but he couldn’t do that either.

He still needed her knowledge.

“Decker was right, we should have gone to that tropical beach,” Kalel said to Selina. “The only thing worse would be getting sent to some god forsaken snow storm,” Kalel continued as his dragon shredded an attacker. He lifted his side arm and shot a man getting ready to shoot a child. He grabbed the little girl and passed her over to Selina as they ran. This was their child now. Bastards.

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