Ready for Action

"Can you do it, Aurora?" Jhonen asked again. "Help us find this guy, so we can use his override key on the elevator and get to Lanstrom."

Samuel went to one knee placing his pack on the floor he detached a long box opening it he pulled out a barrel and rifle he put them together the 25mm sniper rife he placed a large scope on this rife. “Ok boss with thermal scope I maybe got 2 to 300 yards but if we need to take long rage targets, I can. He placed his shot gun into the box closing then attaching it back to the pack. He already wearing camouflage for the area and weather. He put the extra clips on his belt. “ready” he said.

He turned to Crystal with a warm smile. “I know I don’t need to remind you of the wind out there your arrows will be tricky, but I have your back.” he says slapping a magazine in to his rife.

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