Ink's plan

"Freight elevator can't be the only way up," Ink said. "Need maintenance." He pulled a small thumb drive from a pocket on his chest and stepped over to the central terminal of the factory command post. He sat down, inserted the drive, and flipped the switch. The dusty screen lit up, glowing a pale blue on his white suit.

He saw himself reflected in the dim light and winced. He turned a dial on his hip and the suit's chromatization module flickered on. Pinpricks of black appeared, spread evenly across the suit, and they grew rapidly, covering the white surface. In less than two seconds, his suit was completely black again.

"System primitive," Ink noted with disdain as he dragged a rounded little box with two buttons around to make a little arrow on the screen move around. This was no surprise; mining colonies and factories were rarely the places to invest in their computer systems. He clicked and tapped, and in a few minutes the blueprints to the local complex glowed on the screen. He sighed, downloaded the files to the thumbdrive, retrieved it and slotted it into his tac-link. He held out his arm and the maps were projected into a hologram.

"Elevator," Ink said, indicating the wide shaft through much of the mountain. "Maintenance access." He pointed at a small auxiliary shaft that ran alongside the elevator. Then he indicated their current position. "From here..." he traced a line out of the building. "...through here..." He drew the path through an adjacent building. " here." He finished at a door that guarded a narrow tunnel leading to the auxiliary shaft. "If door help quits, break, pick or hack. No other choice."

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