As the attack started to try and hook the dragons crystal jumped off Midnights back. “ Midnight go get help” she called. She brought her gun to bare on several of the attackers. She know that without help they would not both make it out of the Canyon She also was not going to leave Anna alone.

Midnight however was determined to try and stay crystal was in trouble. He was not going to leave her. The dragon sent several of the men coming after him flying with the swipe of his paw.” Midnight get out of here now” crystal hissed at the dragon. He reluctantly left. The dragon quietly scaled the wall of the canyon and got into the air.

With Anna and Dustin both down crystal was quietly over run. She eventually resorted to hand to hand combat witch she was not very good at. A hit to the head from somewhere behind her sent her to the ground her vision fading the last thing she could remember was Midnights roar and he flew above the canyon.

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