Aurora turned to see Oriel. "Jhonen Please hurry" She said throw the coms as she tryed to doge and stay away from Oriel. " Why are you helping her she is evil" Aurora yelled at Oriel as she ruled sideways to avoid getting hit. However Oriel was quick and manged to pin her. Aurora kicked her repeatedly in the stomach in an attempt to get free.she reached out for something to use as a wepion her hand only finding the leg and a chair. Aurora picked the chair up and attempt do hit her attacker in the head with a chair.

Midnight's rowr was heared as crystal took ame at one of the mutants. her arrow missed as the high winds made her ame inaccurate. thankful the dragon landed in frunt of her. " Midnight thank goodness" Crystal said bit the pare know now was not the time to get distracted. the dragon lept into the crowed of oncoming mutants trampling some sending others flying with his paws or tails. crystal picked off the ones he missed with exploding arrows.

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