Call of Nature

Queenslayer Base had been relatively quiet since the team had finished off Lanstrom. Aside from the new guests, Aurora had proven to be a surprise to many as she was now the last of Lanstrom's experiments. However the reason for her immunity to the mental conditioning the mad scientist used on her creations continued to elude Dr. Brennan and even Syn for that matter.

Then there was Kalel and Selina. A thief and his simulant consort who had managed to piss off The Crimson Queen in a humorous, if foolish way. Hilda had been the one to bring them to the base and provide them save haven from The Queen's assassins. And what better place than where The Crimson Kingdom's one and only untouchable resided? To attack Queenslayer Base meant to potentially break The Crimson Rule, and anyone who dared attack the base would have to contend with Jhonen, The Queenslayers, and a host of angry dragons.

Suffice it to say, Queenslayer Base was the safest place on Jericho.

However, today was much more exciting because a Dragon Master had come to visit, in the company of another Dragoon. One of the mysterious researchers of The Eyrie, experts on dragons and Jericho itself. She was a younger Dragon Master, recently accepted into their ranks given the age, however she still bore the pin of the Dragon Masters, a dragon clutching a scroll, and thus still demanded respect. The agent who seemed to be her escort was an odd Dragoon by the name of Inara.

Jhonen was more than happy to accommodate the young Dragon Master, who's name was Rowan, however she seemed to be more interested in getting to the point as she insisted the Queenslayers all gather in the main hall to discuss her reason for being there.

"My fellow Dragon Masters and myself have uncovered news that a major deal is going down in the black market for a clutch of dragon eggs. We need someone to look into this for us. If there are dragon eggs about to be smuggled off world we need to stop them." Rowan said. It was a well known fact that dragons could not survive off world. For some reason, any dragon taken off world would eventually grow sick and die. Hence, it was illegal to take them, or dragon eggs, off world.

"However, I take it you came to us with it because it has ties to the Crimson Kingdom?" Jhonen said.

Rowan nodded. "Yes. We believe that one of The Queen's lieutenants is brokering the deal."

"The Beastmaster..." Jhonen said coldly. "A poacher and known 'collector' of rare animals from across Colonial Space. He's been bringing in a number of odd creatures for decades to hunt in the wilds. It's only due to the fact that Jericho is so hostile and the dragons so territorial that any potential invasive species hasn't managed to do damage to the ecosystem... He's a slippery devil. I haven't been able to track him down all this time. Only his middle men."

Rowan nodded. "We've been trying to get The Beastmaster out into the open. The dragon eggs I believe could be our opportunity... your opportunity... to catch him."

Jhonen nodded. "I see... you want some of my team to pose as potential buyers."

Rowan nodded. "To help Inara, yes. We'd ask for you, specifically, but you're somewhat of a known entity in the criminal underworld."

"I am popular in the Crimson Kingdom." Jhonen smirked. "If you're looking for unknowns, then my resident rookies could be of use." He looked to Anna and Crystal. "What do you two think? You up for a little undercover work?"

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