She Makes No Sense

Staring over her sharpened nails, Inara suddenly let out a burst of laughter. "If ya want to crash a party, then we should." She told Crystal with a grin and set both hands on her hips. "Oh, Rowan, why didn't ya tell me we arrived? I wasn't payin' a lick of attention."

Turning her gaze to Jhonen, seeming to come back to her senses for a brief moment as her eyes shifted from a bright blue to a deep blood red, she spoke more. "Oh, come now, wouldn't it be fun to have a strong fella like him along? Saving those eggs is the goal, right? Or, is this one of those things where I shut up and follow orders like a good puppy?" Tapping her chin with a sharp nail, she looked thoughtful, but there was still that air of utter insanity around her.

Waving quickly, she shrugged. "I can't remember. Lets just do the job, see how thangs go, and maybe I'll finally get a guinea pig! Medallion is so sick of me testin' on myself."

Hopping from foot to foot, unable to stay still, she laughed again.

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