Greenfall We Go

The Dragon Master nodded at Samuel's question. "It will take place in Greenhaven in three days. We've already sent word to The Beastmaster that we are interested buyers from Mars. False identities have been worked up with necessary background info added to make it more believable."

Jhonen sighed. "So we can have Crystal, Anna, and Samuel. They'll be part of the undercover team. I will help oversee the operation behind the scenes, we'll have Ink as support in case things go pear shaped..." Jhonen frowned. "We'll have to move carefully for this one. The Beastmaster is a slippery one, if we don't take care, we could lose him for a long time..."


Dr. Brennan had been studying Aurora since she had been brought in from Golden Peak. The last of Lanstrom's Uplifted, Brennan had been trying to make sense of Lanstrom's work in the hopes of potentially returning the child to normal. Alas, that was looking to be a fruitless venture. Then there was the mystery of her ability to withstand Lanstrom's brainwashing techniques. That... it seemed, she had discovered an interesting answer.

"It's the necklace you're wearing. I had Hilda and Syn run tests on it. They discovered strange energy readings that are similar to some artifacts that Chaplain Strom has been bringing in from his dig site as of late...."

"Ancient Alien technology..." Syn said. "And strange to say the least."

Brennan returned the necklace to Aurora. "I want Strom to study it, however he is busy with his dig site, so we will have to go to him. Are you up for a trip?"


Hilda found Kalel wandering the base. Clearly bored out of his mind. "Hey, Kalel." She said with a wave. "I finished the sweep of your simulant wife..." She smirked at this humorous jab. "...she seems to be clean. Can't find any evidence of her being bugged in any way. So we have that..." She sighed. "Look. I think we have a problem... A strange message from one of our valued information sources who suggests something bad is happening to The Syndicate. It looks like The Queen's turning her focus on them after being unable to find you."

Hilda smirked. "Want to hurt The Queen again? Because I think I know a way to do that."


Hammond sighed as he turned away from his latest pile of data collected by his men who were looking into the ties between Citra Corp, The Jericho Council, and The Crimson Kingdom.

"Get those items to the Queenslayers as soon as possible. And tell Jhonen I said hello."

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