Jhonen sighed. "So we can have Crystal, Anna, and Samuel. They'll be part of the undercover team. I will help oversee the operation behind the scenes, we'll have Ink as support in case things go pear shaped..." Jhonen frowned. "We'll have to move carefully for this one. The Beastmaster is a slippery one, if we don't take care, we could lose him for a long time..."

Inara had gone back to staring at her claw-like nails when she heard Jhonen's last words. Eyes flashing through multiple colors, she smiled and called back toward the entrance. "Medallion! Get yer ass in here!"

The dragon in question rushed in and came to a skidding halt next to her, huffing and puffing like a dog as he looked back and forth at everyone and everything. He was secretly looking for anything shiny among the room as Inara started to search through the many bags he had strapped to him.

"Boy, we gotta get rid of some of this junk yer carryin' around." She noted and finally pulled out a box of strange bullets from the third bag. "Ah, here we go. These are a special trackin' bullet I made myself." She held them out toward Jhonen with a smirk. "You got a sniper? If ya do, that fella could easily shoot this Beastmaster yer talking about. Ammo turns to pure liquid once it hits the bloodstream and Medallion here is good at trackin' this stuff. Makes a man smell somethin' foul and keeps most animals away."

Medallion snorted next to her before chasing his own tail.

Rolling her eyes at the sight, Inara winked at Jhonen. "Okay, he can mostly do it when he ain't sidetracked. I warn ya, though, it only lasts for about twenty-four hours."

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