Moving forward

Aurora had been uncomfortable we Dr. Brennan. However the Doctor was her only chance to gen back to normal and discover what had been done to her. She tentatively took the necless back and put it around her neck. “ as long as he is not going to poke and prod me” she said. She was done with these test and was eager to learn more of the world.

“ if that’s the only way to find out more about what happened to me I want to learn” she said with a smile. She looked around the area still unable to trust that she would be free to leave when ever she wanted.


Crystal crossed her arms and glared at everyone. “ im not happy about this” she growled. Only to giggle as a hyper dragon came bursting through the door.

“ I’ll be getting midnight redy” she said turning to leave. She was not happy about this at all she did not want to go undercover she wanted to fly in and kill all of the individuals invaded in taking those eggs away from there parents.

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