Hilda nodded. "Yes. You get bullets."

She gestured for Kalel and Hilda to follow her. She took them to the mainframe where she brought up a hologram of a lone building that seemed to be alone in the desert.

"Decker was the one who sent me the message. Apparently... The Queen managed to find one of our informants... someone we call "Whisper" and his holding them captive in this old Citra Corp compound... I'm gonna bust him out but I need your help... well your help and his..."

Syn stepped up from his recharging plate and regarded the group with a nod. "Pleasure to see you again Mr. Lamkin, and you Miss Selina..."


As the Queenslayers went off to get ready for the mission, Jhonen went to Crystal and looked at her with concern.

"You do realize this could help the issue of dragon poaching, right?" Jhonen said. Knowing that she was passionate when it came to the dragons, to the point she had vehemently denied going on dragon hunts to stop dangerous rogue dragons. "This will help, and it will stop The Beastmaster from harming other animals on Jericho..."

Jhonen grimaced. "Look... I think you are the only one who can pull this off, actually. More than anyone else on the team. You have this connection to dragons... I've seen it. Like in the Wendigo's lair, you were able to control those dragons in the cave... I don't know how... but I saw it..." He put his hand on Crystal's shoulder. "I believe in you, Crystal."

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