Asking For A Little Patience

Jhonen smirked. "I have noticed that a lot of dragoon develop odd... quirks when bonded to their dragons. Some it seems... are stronger... others more intuitive... and some... some are able to do strange and miraculous things. The dragon masters have been seeing this as well... whatever it is... it's linked to the dragons somehow. You, Crystal, seem to be gifted with a strong connection to the world itself." He shrugged. "As for wanting to be more proactive in handling matters... I understand that frustration... more than you know..." His eyes glazed over as he thought of someone he had long been missing.

"However this is the best way to get us close to The Beastmaser, and through him we could get closer to The Crimson Queen. And I think you will be needed for the challenges ahead. You're growing into a skilled Dragoon. And I trust your judgement. But I need you to be patient... please..."

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