A Comfortable Exile

"You're sending me where???" Sebastian exclaimed.

"You heard me, boy." His father, Malcolm Hammond, said as he glared at his son from across the large desk of his office. Light poured through the large windows and bathed the office in an orange hew.

"For crashing that shuttle?" Sebastian balked. "It was nothing! We have a whole fucking fleet of shuttles!"

"Watch your language around me, boy! And those are MY shuttles. And this is just the latest in a long list of things you've done to bring shame on the Hammond name. And it will be the last, by God." Malcolm glared at his son. "Which is why I'm sending you to Jericho to oversee our operations there. You will be representing our company on that dragon-ridden rock, and you better start acting like a goddamn man because The Jericho Council is wary of corporate entities operating on their planet. If you lose us our rights to conduct business there with your showboating and childish bullshit... "

"You've got to be kidding me..." Sebastian groaned.

"Your flight leaves at six in the morning." Malcolm tented his fingers and gave his son a smug grin. "So you better get some sleep. You've got a long trip ahead of you..."


Six months had passed since that fateful chewing out by the old man. Sebastian woke in his bed in the Hammond building in Jericho's Landing, the capital city on the planet Jericho. It was a decent enough colony, slowly growing into a full fledged city now that hundreds of new settlers came in every day, as well as the corporate presence which meant quick expansion and modernization. From his window, Sebastian could see the Jericho space port, the beating heart of the planet for all intents and purposes. The launch towers were gleaming in the sunlight.

Despite the fact that Sebastian hated this goddamn planet, he had to admit he had a pretty good view.

"Good morning, Mr. Hammond." A feminine voice came from the door opposite the window. Machiko Hamada, his personal assistant, was a small woman of Japanese descent with long black hair she usually had pulled into a tight bun. A cutie for sure, though Sebastian knew now that it wasn't a good idea to work the charms on his personal staff. Something he'd learned the hard way when he was fourteen... He wondered where Mrs. Patterson was now...

Sebastian broke out of his mental tangent and smiled at Machiko. "How many times have I said to not call me that?" He asked.

Machiko stammered and shrugged.
Damn is she cute.
"Sorry mister... I mean, Sebastian. It's not something I'm used to doing."

Sebastian rolled his eyes. "Just don't do it again."

"Yes, Sebastian." Machiko nodded. "I have breakfast ready for you in the dining hall. And your suit for the day is in the closet. Can I get anything else for you?"

Sebastian shook his head. "That's fine. Did that shipment finally come in?"

Machiko nodded. "Yes, and on time, surprisingly enough."

Sebastian raised his brow. "That's a first, usually these private haulers take their sweet time in getting our shipments in. Who was the pilot?"

Machiko addressed her datapad then looked back to Sebastian. "An Emerson Holiday, sir."

Sebastian nodded. "Interesting... Have him in my office by this afternoon. I want to meet this man. I may have... uses for him."

"It will be done, sir. Anything else?"

Aside from you in sexy lingere? "Nothing else, Ms. Hamada."

Machiko nodded and left Sebastian to get dressed and start his day. It was another boring, awful day on Jericho for the most part. Checking messages on the Cortex, signing off on a few shipping manifests and contracts. All the while, Sebastian was wishing he was literally anywhere else doing anything else.

Eventually, he was in his office waiting for this Holiday person. This was the one thing in his day he actually had been looking forward to. He needed a pilot for something important, and hopefully this Holiday was just the man he needed...

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