Do Something Really Stupid

Despite the displeasure of her dragon, Inara picked a good many things from the bags Medallion carried and left them by the door as a "payment" of sorts. "They're too slow, my shiny lovin' dragon." She said as she pat him on the head with a wry smile. "I say we just go handle thangs the way we planned from the beginnin'. I don't see how savin' eggs really helps these people anyway."

Hopping onto his back, she looked toward the building with disgruntlement. Shaking her head, she clung to Medallion and yelled happily as they flew off to go ahead of schedule after this so-called Beastmaster. Sure, she knew it was stupid and crazy to face someone she had never met before.

When had that ever stopped her, though?

"Time to do somethin' really stupid!" She laughed.

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