Ready for a bite - Revised

Samuel hadn't expected visitors to his hospital room, and he surely didn't expect it to be a small Yakuza security detail for Noriko Yashida. She was dressed in an outfit that screamed "all business" a form fitting body suit under a jacket with a belt that had two gun holsters with some serious hardware inside them. Along with a katana sword strapped to her back.

"Dendragon Davenport..." Noriko said firmly. "I was notified of what happened. Someone's taken Jhonen and Crystal... The Beastmaster... And I intend to rip this planet apart looking for them..." She looked to the only unarmed Yakuza member, an older woman in a traditional kimono. The woman nodded and produced a syringe and went over to his IV drip and injected a blueish solution into his IV. In moments the drug would make Samuel feel like a million bucks.

"Care to raise some hell with me, Samuel?" Noriko said, offering her gloved hand to him. "And find these bastards who took our loves from us?"

He gently took her hand not pulling on it. Sitting up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. “I have been laying around long enough, Madam.” He said looking out the window Tempest and Midnight were looking in excitedly seeing Samuel moving around. “Well it looks like I will have two dragons to deal with.” He paused and looked back at Noriko “there is still tow dragons right I was not out for that, long was I?” he asks standing to his feet he looks at his gown. “I can’t go like this a bit drafty on a dragon” he says looking for the closet. He walks over to see they had his clothing and body armor there with some of his weapons. Not thinking he pulled off his gown letting it drop on place lucky he had his sport boxers on. he did not even look back, but his face did turn a little read. As he put his pants on. “A… sorry about that got in a hurry.” As he put the rest of his clothing on. looking out the window Samuel “Tempest, Ready!” he said loudly through the open window. The two dragons jump to their feet and stood side by side ready for their equipment. “Madam, Thank you for your help and my stay here. Now I would like any information you got on them. Tempest and Midnight would like a bite of Beastmaster” said Samuel.

OOC: Sorry it took me so long been dealing with a lot in OW and real world.

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