Revelation Before Game Time

She blinked several times dealing like she would pass out suddenly. She put her hand to her head. Her eyes turned back to there usual green. She grabbed the edge of the tube to steady herself.

That was when the Beastmaster lunged at her, grabbing her by her hair he pulled her face to his, his foul breath invaded her nostrils. "You forget who currently has the advantage, girl. And you do not know who it is you threaten. Many like you have said the same. Hell, your mother said as much to me, and I butchered her like I'd butcher one of your precious dragons." He sneered. "Yes, girl. I know who you are. You are the spitting image of your mother. And as stubborn as her and your father. Years in stasis kept you young while cybernetics and black market drugs have kept me alive. I will enjoy watching you get slaughtered in the arena... At last I will have the last Celestine..." He looked to the guards as he shoved her towards them. "Take her to the arena..."


"That was a nifty little trick back there. Get it from yer dragon? Oh, and just so ya know, I can't teleport through walls." She chided, trying to keep calm. "That's somethin' only Medallion can do an' that's cause he's a gold hoarder. Won't do it fer nothin' else."

Jhonen shook his head. "I don't know what that was... it was like.." He didn't want to say anything, because it sounded crazy even as he thought it. He had felt Anya's presence, her strength, and the power. Something had awakened.

Noticing another door that was slightly ajar, she pulled Jhonen toward it. Releasing him as she got close, the woman began to push it open as her grip tightened on the shard in her hand.

Jhonen went to help, and when they opened the door they found themselves in a large tunnel with light at one end. Opting to head towards it, they soon heard the sound of voices cheering and talking. Jhonen frowned as they pushed through into the arena, a large audience let out louder cheers at the sight of the two dragoon who had aimlessly wandered in.

"And it looks like our intrepid escapees have found their way to the main event!" An announcer shouted. "Ladies and gentlemen! You are in for a treat today! For we have a special contender today. From Landfall itself, and the very heart of The Eyrie of the Dragoon! Jhonen Cross! Demon Hunter of Jericho! The Crimson Scourge! Master of Death!"

The crowd whooped and cheered.

"And along with him, a dragoon whackjob with a penchant for experimenting on herself! Inara Ravenz!"

The crowd whooped and cheered again.

And then another door opened on the far size and Crystal came stumbling out, shoved by a group of mooks.

"And another special guest! A relic from a bygone era! The daughter of the first Dragon Masters of The Dragoon. Crystal Celestine!"

Jhonen looked in confusion at Crystal. Confused.

The audience continued to roar in excitement as one of the other large doors on the edge of the arena began to open.

"First on the list of delights for you today: hellhounds from Crematoria! What will out skilled dragon riders do?"

The crowd began to murmur in discontent.

"What is that? You think it's an unfair fight? Oh, alright. Give the kids their toys."

A trap door in the center of the arena opened up. A metal cylinder slid up from underneath it and opened up, revealing three weapons: Crystal's bow and arrows, Inara's scythe, and Jhonen's sword.

"Let the games begin!"

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