Nasty Thangs

"Um... err..." It was clear he'd heard Inara. "Well lookit that! Guess it's time for round two! Ladies and gentlemen! You all know these critters from the planet Acheron! These monstrosities are what our brave souls in the Central Systems Military call 'roaches' because of their similarities to the Terran insect. It's extermination time!"

Holes in the floor opened up, and five large insect-like alien creatures clambered out and began to advance on the trio.

With a sadistic grin, Inara waved to the announcer and winked. "Just you wait, little boy..." She giggled and twisted her body to slice at one of the nasty creatures with Dearest. "Oh, these look like somethin' my old squeeze might have cut up for dinner once. Ugly thangs, ain't ya?!"

With a quick teleport back to avoid a swipe at her legs, the brunette let out another hysterical laugh. "Gonna need to do better than that, sweeties!" Glancing to Jhonen and Crystal, she shrugged. "Ya gonna help, girlie? These are just a buncha nasties."

When one of the roach-like creatures got too close, Inara stabbed the blade of Dearest up and into its body, slicing right through it. Glowing brighter, the blade hummed loudly as if in disgust at what was touching it.

"I know, hun," Inara cooed. "It's so nasty!"

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