Into The Badlands

Typhon Station - Dusk - 1 Hour After Anna and Crystal's capture

Jhonen looked over the gear he'd requisitioned from the Dragoon armorer as well as some items he'd personally purchased off the books by some local dealers and Hilda. They would need it, for certain. The Pack wasn't one to be trifled with, and a lot of them were dosed up on powerful drugs that degraded mental function and increased aggression. Something The Queen insisted on as a way to control them as well as make them more dangerous.

He went out to where Davenport and Dr. Brennan were loading up their dragons and regarded them with a firm nod. "The maps show a couple of bottlenecks in the canyon. They're the most likely places The Pack will have set up camps since dragons can't fly in there. They may be wild, but they're not stupid. Since you two have the dragons you'll take lead, scout the spots I've marked on your maps and if you find their camps look for ways for us to get in unnoticed. Hilda and I will be on the ground." It no doubt must've seemed odd that Hilda had refused to even be out there with them. "She's afraid of dragons, you see..." Jhonen said. "Bad history..." Hilda had her own mode of transport, while Jhonen would be with her on his jet cycle.

He did not go into details why he did not have a dragon of his own.

"Let's get in there and find these bastards." Jhonen said firmly. "Good hunting."


Ink nodded to Braga, a look of recognition dawning on her face. He strode up to Williams and with a swift motion administered a needle of epinephrine. She gasped awake almost instantly, while Ink sliced their bonds and those of the two thieves, who immediately bolted.

3, 2, 1...

The bomb at the far end of the canyon exploded. The boom shuddered the canyon walls, dust drifting from the ceiling. Confused yells and screams echoed up the tunnel. Ink did not react but helped the two women to their feet. "Let's go," he said.

Anna was confused as the where this man had come from. Moreso when he first appeared like a ghost. Though initially fearful he was another member of The Pack she noticed some telltale Dragoon gear on his person and was relieved. When he woke Crystal with a shot of adrenaline she was close to bouncing off the walls from the high.

She looked at Anna ” I was not going to leave you alone any idea where they might have taken Dasten ” she asked. She looked around the cave wondering if it went further back. Would we able to see him if he was on the floor of the canyon still. We need to get to him quitly ”

Crystal was speaking so quickly Anna couldn't get a word in edgewise. But finally she replied. "We do. I'm not leaving him." She looked to the man, Ink, and said. "Thank you. But we're not the only prisoners here..." She straightened up, doing her best not to let her fear show. "I'm not leaving without my dragon."

Beggar's Canyon

Jhonen continued to drive alongside the canyon. It had been a long night and so far the team had found nothing. Hilda was close behind him in a modestly sized cargo hauler she'd turned into a sort of mobile garage. It was surprisingly quiet, more quiet than Jhonen's jet cycle even, though they were still well behind Davenport and Doc Brennan who were somewhere in the clouds on their dragons.

Then they heard the distant pop of an explosion. Jhonen went to his radio. "Davenport? Did you just hear that as well?"

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