The History of Jericho

Aurora was tired of weighting at there areological camp. she wanted answered and there only lead she had was the ruinens. so taking a flash light she entered the remans of what looked to her to be an ancient temple of some kind. She entered a long hallway it seamed to go down into the ground. She flowed it and came too a large room. She looked around wandering what the marketing on the walls ment.

The pendant Aurora wore began to glow a teal-blue hew as she gazed upon the markings on the ancient walls. In response the markings themselves began to glow. Suddenly Aurora's mind seemed to fill with thoughts and memories that were not her own. An echo of the past began to reverberate within her very soul. And she suddenly found herself standing in the central square of an immense, alien, city.

They walked around her, tall aliens that towered over her. They stood at fifteen feet on average given how many of them she could see. Their bodies adorned in fine clothing and jewelry. Their heads were almost shaped like an arrowhead tapering in the back to a point with ridges. Their eyes were big, yet soulful. And from the emotions she was feeling through this link she was certain they were a proud and powerful civilization, yet kind and curious.

They were not from here, however. They had come, like the people of the Jericho expedition before them. They had found this place. Found the dragons. And began to study the strange power that dwelled within the planet. The magic. Real magic. They learned to harness this power, through the dragons who had evolved with a connection to it. Through them they became connected as well. The power being used to create a golden world rich in technology. Yet there were those who pushed further, demanded more of the power. She could see it now, the discontent, the anger, the fear. Lines were drawn, factions split off, wars were waged.

The sheer emotion of it all no doubt overwhelmed Aurora.

And then something happened. As if the great power, The Heart of Jericho, responded to this unrest with a great cataclysm. The people all fell into the planet as it reshaped itself swallowing the cities and people into it. All the while the dragons lived on, faintly remembering the first ones to try and take the power and use it for nefarious purposes.

And then there was a surge. Aurora found herself in the desert. Dragons roared in the skies above as ships, human ships, descended into the atmosphere. Somehow Aurora knew this was not part of the history she had been shown. This was the future.

A warning of things to come.

She could see the dragoon, riding their dragons to war, and at the forefront was a man. She couldn't make out who he was, but the figure seemed familiar.

And then the vision faded. The glow from the walls retreated back into the walls, Aurora's pendant went still. She knew now just what it was that Citra Corp wanted on Jericho. They knew of the power, they knew of The Heart, and they wanted it more than anything. And they were trying to undermine the very people tasked with defending Jericho to get it.

The Crimson Game was merely a prelude to a bigger war that was yet to come.

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