Mommy's Angry and Finding Answers

More roaches came skittering out of the holes in the arena floor. Jhonen was quick to dart between groups of them, cleaving the buggers in two with his sword. However soon they were overwhelming him and he had to retreat back to the others.

“ I hate bug she cryed and she darted behind Jhonen. She fired several more exsploding arrows from over his shoulders.

"Keep it up! We can't let them swarm us!" Jhonen said as he tapped into the connection he had with Anya, his eyes flashed reptilian slits as he swiped his sword at the air in between him and a group of roaches. A blast of telekinetic energy as sharp as his blade, or Anya's tail, cut through a group of the roaches. Their slimy innards splashed onto the arena floor. Jhonen looked to Crystal "Keep it up, Crystal!"

With a quick teleport back to avoid a swipe at her legs, the brunette let out another hysterical laugh. "Gonna need to do better than that, sweeties!" Glancing to Jhonen and Crystal, she shrugged. "Ya gonna help, girlie? These are just a buncha nasties."

When one of the roach-like creatures got too close, Inara stabbed the blade of Dearest up and into its body, slicing right through it. Glowing brighter, the blade hummed loudly as if in disgust at what was touching it.

"I know, hun," Inara cooed. "It's so nasty!"

The announcer was stammering now as it became clear that the trio were handling the roaches effectively. "Um.. ah... yes... an impressive display! You three would make excellent exterminators should your careers as dragoon prove to be unfulfilling! But what is this?" A loud shriek erupted from one of the large doors near the edge of the arena. "It seems someone's mad you've been hurting her babies!"

The doors opened, revealing a massive roach, a queen, that began to advance on the three dragoon with murderous intent.

"Let's see how Mama will handle these three troublemakers!" The announcer then said under his breath. "Oh god, oh please, let that thing eat that scythe girl..."


Noriko led Samuel along the narrow streets of Greenfall. Their search for answers to where Jhonen, Crystal, and Inara had been taken leading them to a vendor nestled deep in the old city that had ties to both the Crimson Kingdom and the Syndicate. A broker of illicit goods ferried in from across Jericho and offworld. The man was well guarded, and it became clear that Noriko had pulled a lot of strings just to get the two of them in there.

The guards had stripped them of their weapons, and a good portion of their clothing. Noriko was forced to wear nothing but her bra and leggings. Samuel in nothing but his pants. When the two of them were allowed to see The Vendor, they were given fine robes to protect their modesty.

"Be patient and quiet." Noriko warned. "The Vendor is a very protective man. His is a delicate position, perched on the edge of a knife. His dealings with the Crimson Kingdom have been instrumental in our fight against The Queen, however it is one that he has to maintain in order to survive. His letting you in here... I had to make some sacrifices to get you in here, Samuel..." Her face hardened. "But I'd give the entire Yakuza for him... for Jhonen... But in either case, understand where you are and follow my lead."

They entered a large room with a lavish and ancient rug and various artifacts from the ruins the city of Greenfall was located over. Alien artifacts. And even ancient relics of Earth. The Vendor sat behind a large wooden desk and nursed a cup of tea. He regarded Noriko with a nod.

"Yashida-sama..." He said. "Your request to speak with me was a surprising one. But given the situation... I can sympathize..."

"Tell me what you know," Noriko said firmly. "And you will get what you want."

The Vendor grimaced. "Straight to the point... Fair enough, you don't have much time."

"Where is Jhonen?"

The Vendor smirked and looked to Samuel. "Pendragon Davenport... You realize your presence here could mean my death? Noriko here had to pay a hefty price to convince me to let you in here..."


Hilda glanced through her visor at the old outpost and grimaced. "We're at the right place." She said to Kalel. "Our friend Whisper is in the basement of that place. Holed up in a vault. The Crimson forces are trying to get in. We need to clear these fuckers out... I'd suggest a stealthy approach." She looked to Selina. "I trust you can handle that?"

Selina nodded. "I can be quiet." She said as she looked to Kalel. "Come on, my love. Let's get some payback for what that bitch did to our home..."

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