Heard You

Inara looked upon the queen roach and smiled menacingly. "Ain't that one ugly?" She giggled and raised Dearest before happily slicing at the giant roach. The blade cut into the body, piercing whatever the creature called flesh beneath. Shifting her weight, the brunette pushed hard against the handle and the blade glowed bright silver.

Her eyes began to shine the same color and Inara shoved with surprising strength to push the scythe through, letting out a feral growl as she did so. "Well, c'mon, kiddies!" She called toward Crystal and Jhonen as her smile turned cruel, eyes falling back to the announcer boy. "I heard ya, little bitch. Just wait until I get my hands on ya!"

With another twist of her body, she cut up with her scythe at the queen roach and violently kicked away from the wretched giant bug. Hopping back to Jhonen and Crystal, she spun Dearest until the blade was as clean as it could get after spilling the guts of a giant ugly bug.

"Can I go get the little announcer boy now?" She asked.

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