The Only Thing They Fear...

With another twist of her body, she cut up with her scythe at the queen roach and violently kicked away from the wretched giant bug. Hopping back to Jhonen and Crystal, she spun Dearest until the blade was as clean as it could get after spilling the guts of a giant ugly bug.

"Can I go get the little announcer boy now?" She asked.

Jhonen nodded. "He's all yours!"

"Hold it!" The Announcer said with panic rising in his voice. "Release Claudius! Release Claudius now!"

The largest door on the outer rim of the arena opened up slowly. The trio turned in time to see the doors fully open as the earth began to quake. And as the massive Diamondback dragon slowly entered the arena the entire audience fell silent for a moment. Then cheers erupted from the crowd.

"Yes! Ladies and gentlemen! This is Claudius! The legendary Diamondback. Our Beastmaster's personal dragon! And the crowning champion of these games! Let's see how the dragon riding Dragoon when the shoe is on the other foot!"

Jhonen's eyes widened, and visible fear filled his features. He gripped his sword and prepared for the fight he was certain was going to be his last. Diamondbacks were the biggest, and most dangerous dragons on Jericho... so much so that when they were invading colony space dragoon protocols were to kill on sight with no hesitation. Much to the chagrin of many dragoon and dragon masters, but the threat they posed was too great. Diamondback dragons could summon lightning, and weren't afraid to use it at a moment's notice. How the beastmaster had managed to get one, and keep it here, was any0ne's guess. But Jhonen knew too well that they were dead. Though he wouldn't say it.

The diamondback roared and its eyes filled with electricity as it began to attack.

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