Call of the dragons

Crystal blinked looking at the dragon her eyes turning a pritty purple. “ put you weapons down now” She said. She walked twords the dragon. Dropping her own bow and arrows as she approached. The dragon locked eyes with her. As they locked eyes a strange sensation acured.

She could feel this dragon. His pain and depression to be free. “ I understand let me help you if we work to getting he will never hurt anyone ever again.” She said. As she continued to walk towards the dragon. The dragon dropped his nose and let crystal put her hand between him nostrils.

They turned looking at the announcer. “ I sigest you all evaluate. Beastmaster get your ass out her and face me, I will kill you for your crimes” she yealed. The dragon reared up and rored as if echoing her challenge. The girls eyes were still that strange purple color. “ we will end the poaching of dragons and egg trade?”

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