Cutie Boy

Inara's scythe had instantly retracted into itself the moment Crystal spoke and the colors of her own eyes flickered with her confusion. She witnessed the amazing event with pure curiosity, the logical part of her truly intrigued. "I have questions," She murmured before turning her gaze upon the announcer boy. "But first..."

Hopping up, Inara used teleported to the announcer and slammed into him, knocking the man down to his back. Slamming a foot upon his chest with a grin, her scythe extended again and she put the blade at his neck threateningly. "Hello, darlin'!" She cooed, leaning toward him. "Yer comin' with me, cutie boy!"

She could see the fear in his eyes, a surge of excitement coursing through her body. It had been so many years since her last guinea pig. She knew Medallion would be happy to see her working on someone other than herself.

Looking back to Crystal and Jhonen, she giggled. "She's right, Mr. Beastmaster, you ugly piece of shit! Get out here!"

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