The Turn

Jhonen watched in awe as Crystal used whatever power it was that allowed her to commune with the dragons. He had been suspicious that she had some sort of ability ever since that event in The Wendigo's cave where she managed to get a group of dragons to swarm. And now it was clear to see the full extent of her abilities.

She now had a diamondback in her control.

Jhonen then saw some Crimson Enforcers enter the arena. They began to open fire on him and Crystal but with the diamondback as mobile cover it was easy for them to hold their ground. And Jhonen once again found himself using his own newfound magic as he slashed the air and shockwaves of telekinetic energy hit the enforcers with such force they were cleaved in twain. Just like as if Anya was there with her tail.

When the crimson forces were down, and the audience understandably evacuated, the arena fell silent for a moment until a large hologram projected itself in the air above the arena. It was the Beastmaster.

"You dare call me out child???" The Beastmaster said, furious. "What did you do to my dragon? Explain this nonsense!"


Hilda Selina, and Kalel had successfully infiltrated the compound and were about to reach Whisper's location. The vault door was massive, and the Crimson guards standing next to it still trying to hack their way in, mostly in vain.

Oddly enough, it was Selina who was quick to dispatch them. It was clear the girl had a loathing of these men that Hilda knew went deep. She could see the pain on her face as plain as day. It was like Jhonen's face, a similar pain from a similar source.

"Whisper? It's Hilda! Open up!"

The vault door began to open and once it did they saw a rather lavish living space with a set of sofas, a bed, a desk with an impressive computer rig set up. As well as various books on shelves, music was playing, and a lone man, older with white hair and visible cybernetics on his face, sat in the middle of the room at one of the sofas. He regarded Hilda with a smile.

"Took you long enough." Whisper said.

Hilda frowned. "You're Whisper?"

"I suppose that title is no longer necessary now. You can call me Novak... Head of The Syndicate and former founding member of the Jericho Council."


Noriko looked visibly agitated as she and Samuel walked out of their meeting. However they had the location of The Beastmaster's arena. The price she had to pay for it however no doubt didn't sit well with Samuel. She had to sell out her own people, relinquish what little territory The Crimson Queen didn't conquer, and pay a handsome fee as well.

It was a move that would no doubt damage her standing with the other Yakuza bosses.

And she did it all for Jhonen without a second thought. Samuel would see that she actually was holding her head high. And now it was time to go save Jhonen, Crystal, and Inara. If it wasn't too late that is.

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