A Meeting?

((Jericho's Landing, Dragoon)),

It was beyond easy to bring the ship down through the mountains. The rock face brought back a familiar memory, which reminded him to check his radar for wild dragons. Not that it could keep up if put on the burners but they loved to hide where the system could not ping them. He settled the horizon as those old mountains slid behind him, along with the faint outline of a crashed dropship.

He remembered that escapade, a colonist had died during the crash. The old feel of urgency sparked a bit at the thought. Emerson could almost hear the tramp of boots as they double-timed up the ramp, the roar of a dragon sounding over the din of his engines. Holiday shook his head and continued his approach. Those first days here were definitely action-packed.

The welcome sight of the city greeted him as he roared overhead. The gears came down as the ship's thrusters fired in VTOL. With one more sigh, he stood from the cockpit and lowered the ramp.

((An hour later))

The message list had another unread in the folder, to which Emerson had coffee to sift through. The first two were redundant messages from his manager, the third telling him of the screw up. It was the final message that made him pause. "Hammond?" He said out loud. He punched up the message.

After reading the message, he settled back in the flight chair. So the boss would like to meet him? He remembered meeting Jericho admin during that whole lunar chrome scandal, they he liked. Corporations were another beast altogether. He supposed it was inevitable that they would notice him, he was one of the few that actually took delivery times seriously. A hopeful thought popped into his mind, thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, they were willing to increase his commission.

He supposed he would find out, pulling the ship up and to the admin landing pad. It was simple enough, him already cleared for a spot. Out of the ship he went and to the admin building, Emerson whistling a tune he long forgotten the rest of. The secretary was a cute little Japanese girl working as he strode up.

"Hammond administration wanted to see me?" he inquired.


"Holiday, Emerson."

"One moment," she went, tapping away at the touchpad of her computer.

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