Inara watched in silence as everything seemed to move around her in slow motion. At least that was how it felt to her. Any Enforcers that came for her she easily sliced down while keeping the poor announcer boy held to the floor with a foot.

Despite the boy's obvious height over her, she was much stronger. It also helped that she wielded a scythe that ate flesh and blood, too. Looking down to him, she offered a sickly sweet smile and crouched down to him. "Will you be a good boy and come willingly? Or do I need to cut something off?" She cooed, tapping the blade of Dearest against his neck teasingly.

"You dare call me out child???" The Beastmaster said, furious. "What did you do to my dragon? Explain this nonsense!"

Turning her ever color changing eyes toward the Beastmaster's image, Inara frowned with a slight pout. "Aw, the ugly fat bastard won't come face us himself." She giggled and stood back up, grabbing the poor announcer boy and dragging him to his feet.

Just as she did so, the diamondback destroyed the hologram of the Beastmaster. Dragging the announcer boy along, she teleported back to Jhonen and looked up at the dragon, barely noticing as the boy vomited next to her. "Such a pretty thang," She commented, eyes flashing through over a dozen colors. "If only my medicines would work to save more of them..."

Turning her gaze to the announcer, she noticed the sick look on his face and the vomit now at his feet. "Oh, I'm sorry, Cutie Boy." She cooed. "I forget most people ain't used to that." Pulling him close, she kissed his cheek and grinned. "But you'll need to get used to bein' sick, dear. I got medicine I need testin' cause I got to save more dragons than not."

Inara ignored the whimper Cutie Boy let out and turned to Jhonen. "We gonna get out of here or not?" She asked as a frown finally crossed her face.

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