Maxine had prepared for the job of locating the camps. She carried several weapons and a pair of range finding binoculars. She also carried a monocular that also provided a range-finding capability, but with a night vision function as well. Weapon-wise, Maxine carried her standard issue pistol, but had requisitioned two other weapons. First, she had a high-powered rifle strapped to her back, with armor piercing rounds. She wasn't a sniper by training, but she certainly wanted to make sure that the Queen's troops didn't have much of a chance to close the distance if at all possible. And just in case they did, she carried a saw-off shot gun.

Now that Max was making her way over the canyon, heading to the first of the coordinates that she had been given, the reality of everything finally could finally sink in. The chill she felt wasn't just from the flight. But she fought it, shoving the fear and doubt down. She made sure that her mind was preoccupied with operation.

According to the datapad map, she was coming up on the first location. She knew that they would be on the lookout for dragons, so she brought Crash in low to the ground, only a few dozen feet. A beeping in her earpiece let Max know that she was right where she needed to be. Landing easily, Crash could feel his rider's tension and gave a low rumble of reassurance as she slid to the ground. She patted his head and moved toward on of the cliffsides overlooking the canyon, sliding her rifle off her back.

Trusting Crash to guard her back, Max went prone, placed the rifle next to her in arm's reach, and removed the binoculars from their case, and started to scan the canyon floor for any inhabitants.

She wasn't surprised to see several figures, all apparently armed, milling about below.

"Figures the sons-of-bitches would be here," she muttered. She took a count and then did it again to confirm her numbers. She touched her earpiece, triggering it to send a message.

"Max here," she whispered. "I'm at the my first location. I've found a group of them in the canyon. I count a dozen. Repeat, a dozen. They're probably a group of scouts. As far as I can tell, I haven't been spotted, but they definitely are on the lookout for dragons flying overhead. Should I keep an eye on this bunch or head out to my secondary target location? Please advise."

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