-Beggar's Canyon-
"Max here," she whispered. "I'm at the my first location. I've found a group of them in the canyon. I count a dozen. Repeat, a dozen. They're probably a group of scouts. As far as I can tell, I haven't been spotted, but they definitely are on the lookout for dragons flying overhead. Should I keep an eye on this bunch or head out to my secondary target location? Please advise."

Samuel looked over to Max`s position no one was near her or looking her way “This is wrecker, roger, confirmed, a dozen maybe more and they have no dragon support I don’t see any friendly`s in the area.” he paused and look through his sniper scope. “Got one no Two vehicles light armor transports with crew weapons MGs no visible personnel present.” He paused getting the range almost 2 klicks it’s a stretch he thought to himself. “can take them out need 30 seconds for mission.” He took the safety off and rested his finger on the trigger housing. “permission to send package? Be advised after mission have to relocate need one minuet.”

Jhonen and Hilda were still heading towards the source of the explosion they had heard. "It's probably a hunting party. We're close to their main camp. Maintain visual contact and if they start moving take them out."

Jhonen and Hilda were getting closer to the source of the explosion. They could see a plume of smoke in the distance. That had to be the spot. It was right in a narrow section of the canyon. They were close.

Then Jhonen heard the faint roar of a dragon in the sky. He had noted where Samuel and Maxine's dragons were, and they were trained to keep quiet during missions like this. He stopped his bike and listened. The dragon roared again, so Jhonen pulled out his binoculars and switched to infrared. It didn't take long to find the feathered dragon circling overhead. Jhonen recognized the dragon instantly, it was one of the new recruit's, Crystal if he remembered correctly. Then he immediately put two and two together.

"Dammit." He went to his radio. "Be advised. I've spotted a dragoon dragon circling over the bottleneck ahead of us. I think we found the camp. And they've got one of ours. This changes things..." Jhonen looked to Hilda's cargo carrier and nodded to her. She proceeded to drive further while Jhonen got back on his bike and sped off towards the camp. "Doc, Davenport." he called to them both. "Take out that scouting party. We don't need late arrivals to the barbeque we're about to throw..."

They had one of their own, they had butchered one of their own already. Jhonen was determined to make sure The Wendigo and his Pack would not take another. The call to war had been sounded, and Jhonen and his dragoon would answer it.

"Davenport." Jhonen called him up. "Once you and the doc have cleaned up that mess down there, get back up in the air and survey the narrow section ahead of us, relay what you find and get ready. We gotta move in fast, find the dragoon they've got in there, and kill every last Pack member we find..."

-Pack Camp-

"We'll go up," he said simply. "Can you climb?"

Anna smirked. "Does a banth crap in the dunes?"

They started to move. Heading out of the cave and hunkering down near a ragged-looking tent that had been set up closer to the edge of the cliff. The Pack were on alert now, many of them running towards where the explosion had taken place. This would help thin the numbers and let them sneak through until they could find a place to scale the canyon wall.

Anna and Crystal had been stripped of their weapons. Where they were now was anybody's guess. They hadn't been kept in the same cave they had been held in. No doubt they were confiscated to some other cave or tent. Anna felt naked without her weapons and the prospect of fighting one of these savages up close and hand-to-hand was not appealing. She'd seen them in action. They were ferocious, practically feral, and didn't seem to care much about their own well being so long as they were able to dish out damage to their enemy before going down. And they were amped up on something, Anna had noted how the ones she'd taken down in the canyon before getting captured had been a little too difficult to put down despite only wearing animal skins and not much else.

Best to keep things on the stealthy side then.

Even still, Anna needed to find Dastan. And the fact that they were both outmanned and outgunned was worrying her. She again had to push the image of Boston's dragon from her mind. The thought of that happening to Dastan was too painful to consider, and unhelpful in this current situation.

She watched Ink and followed him. If he had managed to slip into this camp, then she had faith he could get them out.

-Elsewhere In The Camp-

The explosion was close enough to snap the dragon's eyes open. Dastan's mind was foggy but instinct told him he was in danger. He could smell death all around him. The blood of man and dragon both saturated the air.

He felt powerful cables keeping him fixed to the canyon floor. Anchors embedded deep into the earth kept him in place. He tried to wrestle himself free, but pain shot through where his captors had hooked the cables into his scales. His snout was chained shut. He couldn't call for his rider. Instinct and training told him he needed to find her. The smell in the air told him she was close as well. She was in danger too. He needed to get free. He needed to find her.

As he struggled against the pain and binds one of the strange creatures that had captured him--they smelled wrong, not like his rider, not like her kin, he wasn't sure what they were--noticed he was awake and began to shout something to its kin.

Dastan smelled fear. Its fear.

Another of the strange animals came running up with a large glass flask of the same foul smell that had put Dastan to sleep before. Dastan struggled to get free. He would not be put to sleep again. Instinct told him that if he did, he would not wake up again.

The drive to survive blinded him to the pain as he wrenched his right forearm free from the anchor it had been hooked to, taking some scales with it as it did and he lashed out at the thing with the flask.

The thing with the flask flew back. It and the flask crashed against a wall made of wood and bone and the foul odored liquid began to be soaked up by the thirsty earth. The thing was dead, blood had erupted from the gashes Dastan had inflicted on its torso. Smashing bone and sinew. The fresh blood filled Dastan's nostrils and he felt that predatory instinct awaken. Shrugging off the last of the fog, he was fully alert now.

The other animal had run off and was now coming back with a large spear. Dastan lurched to one side and tried to free his other limbs as the animal tried to stab at him with the spear, going for Dastan's eyes as it was the most vulnerable area on his armored hide.

Dastan wasn't having any of that.

He had managed to break enough of his binds that he had some mobility. He moved back, away from the thing with the spear to keep it from trying to blind him. Then with his one free forearm he began to claw at the chains on his snout.

The chains were strong, but Dastan was stronger.

Soon they fell from his snout and with a swift motion he moved in towards the thing with the spear. It screamed and tried to poke at his face in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable. But Dastan was quick, moving his head to the side so the spear hit the thick scales on his face, not even so much as scratching them, and then brought his jaws down on the thing.

He did not, however, bite down on it enough to draw blood. Instinct had noted the smell of the blood of the other thing he had killed, how it smelled wrong. Instinct told him it was better to not consume the thing. So instead he reared his head and hurled the thing at the wall with all his might.

The thing went flying through the wood and bone wall, breaking a good portion of it along the way, revealing the narrowing canyon beyond. There were more animals coming.

With his mouth finally free Dastan let out a loud roar which reverberated through the canyon walls. He was calling to his rider. To let her know he was coming. That he would find her.

And he would kill every last one of these disgusting animals that stood between him and her.

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