Matilda sneered at Inara. "I will kill every last one of you if I have to... Nothing will get in between me and my revenge..."

"Revenge?" Jhonen frowned.

" Child we don't want to hurt you now stop this nonsense" crystal yealled.

"You dare call me child???" She snarled and looked to the last of the Crimson death squad members still in the game. "Fall back! I will take care of this myself!" And with that the last, barely flying, spinner turned and started to make a quick getaway.

"Call your dragoon dogs down, Cross!" Matilda bellowed. "I am here for you!"

"Stand down guys..." Jhonen said coldly. He stepped forward to meet Matilda, who produced a large dagger from her amp suit and took a defensive stance.

"I have waited all my life for this moment..." She said, the bloodlust clear in her voice.

Jhonen looked at her sorrowfully and unsheathed his sword.

"Yes..." Matilda said. "Let us..." The clang of Jhonen's sword hitting the floor cut her off. "What? What are you doing?"

"I'm not going to fight you."

Matilda looked furious then. "NO! Pick it up! I want you to fucking fight me you monster!"

Jhonen shook his head.

Matilda roared and lunged at him with her dagger. In a few swift moves he disarmed her and tossed the knife aside. This only served to anger her further.

"Fine! I'll beat you to a pulp!" She roared, the amp suit whirring as she moved light lightning, striking Jhonen in the gut then landing several shots on his face and head. Jhonen, however, did not defend himself. And the more it became clear that he wouldn't defend himself, the angrier Matilda became.

"Fight back!" Matilda shouted. Her voice growing ragged from her constant screaming. "Fight!"

Another hammering blow to Jhonen's face.

"Fight me!"

Another punch.




Yet another...


She was growing weary now. Yet still tried to punch him.

"Why? Why won't you fight me????" Her voice was ragged.

"Because I'd never dream of hurting you, Matilda." Jhonen finally said, his face swollen and bloody.

She hissed. "You dare? You dare say that to me after what you did???"

"What do you think I did?" Jhonen asked.

"How could you forget??? You killed him! You killed my father! And you forgot???" She punched him again. "Now fight me! Fucking fight me like you fought my father!!!"

Tears began to stream down Jhonen's face. "Oh... oh my baby girl no... is that what she told you?"

Matilda stopped punching him. "What?"

"Oh... You poor thing..."

"She said the same thing... your slut..." Matilda hissed. "Right before I killed her."

"Your mother lied to you, Matilda."

"What are you talking about?"

"Matilda... I'm your father..."

Confusion flashed across Matilda's face. "What kind stupid trick is this?"

"I'm telling the truth..." Jhonen said. "I won't hurt you... I never could do that..."

"No..." She shook her head. "You're lying!"

"I've loved you since the first time I saw you, Matilda. And all this time... all these years... I've been trying to save you..."

Matilda punched him again. "Stop it! You're lying!"

"I love you, Matilda..." He said between punches.


"I'm sorry..."


"I'm sorry..."


"I wish I had gotten to you sooner."

Then Matilda collapsed, tears streaming down her face before she passed out.

A moment of silence descended on the scene before distant sirens began to echo in the distance.

"Let's get her back to Queenslayer base..." Jhonen said as he picked up Matilda's limp body in his arms. His right eye was swollen, blood poured from his nose and mouth. Yet as he carried her, there was a palpable sense of relief radiating from him.

He had his daughter at last.

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