A Most Unwelcome Guest

Hilda was shocked to find Jhonen wasn't in the med bay. She found him in his quarters, asleep and curled up with Matilda in his arms. The sight was surprising but upon making sure neither of them were dead, she left them to rest. When they did awake they went to the mess hall to have breakfast where everyone watched them. Jhonen seemed happy and Matilda less so but still with a small smile and a brighter shine to her eyes.

Hilda looked to them as they sat down. "You two sleep well?"

Jhonen merely nodded. Matilda wasn't sure how to respond.

"So... what does this mean? For us and the mission?" Hilda asked.

"We still have Her to contend with." Jhonen said coldly. "Her entire game has been ruined now."

"She's going to be pissed." Matilda said, the tone was bone chilling. "But I know where she is. Where our... her home is..."

Hilda couldn't contain her excitement. "This is great news! We can finally end this once and for all!"

Matilda nodded. "I can show you on a map."

After breakfast Matilda did just that, pointing to the map of Jericho. The Continent of Landfall, the dry and arid desert of Irakus.

"There's a mansion here, nestled in the mountains." Matilda pointed.

"The Dragon's Cradle..." Jhonen said. "So close to the Eyrie even... Right under out noses the whole time..."

"We got the bitch dead to rights!" Hilda whooped.

"We need to formulate a plan... figure out the best way in to get at The Queen and then..." Jhonen was cut off by the proximity alarms going off. Something was coming. Looking to the radar they saw a large blip approaching.

"It's her... she's come..." Matilda said, fear rising in her voice.

Syn was already monitoring the sensors. "A large airship is approaching along with a small fleet of dragons... visual contact confirms Matilda's assumption. They are flying Crimson colors..."

"Ready defenses!" Jhonen shouted. "Get your weapons and ready the dragons! The Crimson Queen's come for my daughter and I'll be damned if I'm letting her take her!"

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