Ready to Take the Shot.

Johnin went out to where Davenport and Dr. Brennan were loading up their dragons and regarded them with a firm nod. "The maps show a couple of bottlenecks in the canyon. They're the most likely places The Pack will have set up camps since dragons can't fly in there. They may be wild, but they're not stupid. “I understand” said Samuel, looking at tempest “we will do just fine wont we tempest” The dragon gave a small roar in reply.

Let's get in there and find these bastards." Johnin said firmly. "Good hunting."
Glenn mounted yup on tempest “well Doctor Brennan, lets get this show on the road. we have people to go get”

They were at about 2000ft flying at 60 mph. Brennan was just higher than him in position they had been flying not for long before they were in the area they wanted to search. Tempest head turned abruptly. When he felt the explosion. He was going to key his radio when Jhonen came across the channel. Jhonen went to his radio. "Davenport? Did you just hear that as well?" Samuel dropped two hundred feet just underneath the cloud cover. He could see a dust cloud in the distance. He keyed his radio “ five klicks to the front right side, I say set down two klicks out go in on foot as suggested. I will take left side.” He said.

After landing Samuel looked at Tempest saying “OK boy you know what to do listen for me, Go! Hide!” he dragon jumped in to the air silently and flew off taking a position that the dragon could hide and watch waiting for its next command. And watching the back of the team. it took samuel a little while to get to his position he set up his equipment at one and half klicks away for the spot he was to watch and check he put his 25mm sniper rifle together. Setting his rang finding spotter scope up he started to scan the area. He saw a few heat signatures. He keyed his secure radio “in position, support fire ready”

"Max here," she whispered. "I'm at the my first location. I've found a group of them in the canyon. I count a dozen. Repeat, a dozen. They're probably a group of scouts. As far as I can tell, I haven't been spotted, but they definitely are on the lookout for dragons flying overhead. Should I keep an eye on this bunch or head out to my secondary target location? Please advise."

He looked over to Max`s position no one was near her or looking her way “This is wrecker, roger, confirmed, a dozen maybe more and they have no dragon support I don’t see any friendly`s in the area.” he paused and look through his sniper scope. “Got one no Two vehicles light armor transports with crew weapons MGs no visible personnel present.” He paused getting the range almost 2 klicks it’s a stretch he thought to himself. “can take them out need 30 seconds for mission.” He took the safety off and rested his finger on the trigger housing. “permission to send package? Be advised after mission have to relocate need one minuet.”

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