In to the fray

Hearing the alarms going off Samuel run into his room. He slammed his hand down on the outer door release the doors grided open. Tempest lets out a roar as she starts to move and flexed her muscles. She looks back at Sumael being ready for him to equip her. He ran up to Tempest put his hand on her nose. The saddle and parts of armor lowed into position. Started to fasten the straps and binding to the equipment. The doors were open now he could see the force coming as the automated defense system activated. He had been working on that for a long time and it looked as the time paid off.

The automatic 25-millimeter cannons started to fire as they targeted the coming forces. They started to target the combat spinners in the air. The dragon support was just flying too erratic to target. the cannon fire echoed as the first set of combat spinners came into range rounds pounded the combat spinners that turned them into pieces. Then the one missile launcher fired to missiles flew into the oncoming force the missiles exploded knocking down some combat spinners, dragons and riders.

Samuel let down a sigh he knew he had to do something different than the other riders. "Tempest, old girl I have to do something GO! support your dragon friends, I will be there shortly," he said to Tempest. The dragon looked back at Samuel and gave a low growl of disaffection in his command. He walked back to his weapon bench. "Go, Tempest, Now Midnight will need you." She let out a roar as she took off at full speed flew into the air.

He grabbed his Flight helmet. and walked out as he ran to the bay he could hear the Crimson Kingdom forces targeting the defense systems. one by one they went quiet. he reached the bay he got abord the V-Hawk gunship he started it up as the engines and systems came to life. as all the screen and lights flashed he grabbed the controls. he pushed the signal to open the bay doors as he lifted off and flew out.

he pushed the craft to full speed shooting into the sky. Rounds hit all around him just missing the V-Hawk. He had reached 645 Km/h and was 2000 meters in the air. when alarms started to sound they lock anti-air missiles on him. he rolled hard then dropped 500 feet using his countermeasures as a flurry of flares fired out the back. the missiles exploded shaking the V-Hawk. Lucky for Samuel they missed.

he could see the others fighting Crystal had already taken some dragon riders out he had heard of her ability to take over dragons but did not believe it. They had not really talked since her capture. tempest flew to her right seeing what she was doing Tempest's mouth foamed. as she spits as a dragon rider the acid poison hit the rider in the chest as the rider's armor and skin dissolved the rider fell to their death.

The V-Hawk banked hard left lining up some combat spinners. he fired his cannons the 25mm rounds tore right through the combat spinners shredding them. the others took evasive action he others and returned fire with their heavy machine guns rounds ripped through one of the tail finds. The V- Hawlk shook as Samuel tried to keep control. He rolled right the controls were now sluggish. but he could keep in the fight. he let loose with another volley of cannon fire destroying a combat spinner.

He pulled back on the controls he shot into the sky. He would have to help the dragon riders too. it was just getting the right timing.

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