Flying Mister Hammond

Sebastian was standing at the window of his office when the front desk notified him that Holiday had arrived. "Send him in." Sebastian said.

When Holiday entered he turned and looked the man over. He was dressed in a way typical of most Jericho people, rugged with a very limited definition of the word "hygiene." It was something that Sebastian had yet to get used to, and probably never would. Still, this dirty Jericho man could have use to him. So Sebastian turned on the charm and smiled at him.

"Captain Holiday! It's a pleasure to meet you." He gestured for Holiday to take a seat in front of his desk. "I hope you're doing well. Can I get you anything? Perhaps something to drink? I've got a five-year-old bottle of Acheron Brandy I've been eager to try..."

Once he'd gotten the little niceties out of the way he finally decided to cut to the chase. "I was impressed with your work this morning. I'm sure you know that many of the freighters that come in don't much care about meeting our deadlines. And your record certainly speaks for itself." He picked up his datapad and scrolled through the file he'd had Machiko send him on Holiday.

"You were already a seasoned pilot before coming to Jericho. And your service since the colony's inception has been rather remarkable. You were the pilot who flew the rescue craft during the colony's first encounter with the dragons, helped defend the colony from a raiding party of wildcat slavers--a feat I heard was the reason the group quickly unraveled, very impressive. And since then you've been ferrying various things to the colony in a timely manner." Sebastian put the datapad down. "Suffice it to say, not the sort of work a man of your caliber should be doing."

He took a sip of brandy. It wasn't as good as he had hoped. "I'd like to give you a job, Captain Holiday. You see, I'm somewhat of a pilot myself. However, my license was revoked after a... small mishap. So I need someone I can trust to ferry me to our various operations on Jericho. A job that, given the cavalcade of curious creatures that call this planet home, I feel you are uniquely qualified for. You would get a significant pay raise, of course, as well as an upgraded company package with various benefits including advanced medical and vehicle coverage. You see, my pilots are well taken care of." He opened up the contract file on his datapad and slid it over to Holiday. "Feel free to look over the contract. It's fairly simple. This is a unique position that only I am offering. And you won't find a better offer. Not even Citra Corp. provides this sort of thing to their workers." Then he smiled. "Feel free to take your time..."

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