Queenslayer Has Fallen (IV)

Once she landed midnight quietly flew out of range, and she followed Jhonen's path of destruction. Getting too the Brige of the ship just in time to see the Queen get ready to strike Jhonen. Crystal Amex and fired an arrow at the queen. Crystals eyes were that crazy purple dragons started to rewr. " you will answer for 5he harm you have caused and the lifestyle you have taken. Now get the hell off are planit" she yelled and fired another arrow.

The first arrow struck true, The Queen bellowed in rage and turned to face Crystal. She caught the second arrow and glowered at her. "You impudent little quim! This is MY PLANET!" She lunged at Crystal with her sword while Jhonen looked at the two of them, surprised, but glad to see Crystal. He looked around and found his sidearm first, grabbing it and getting to his feet. The socket of what remained of his bionic arm was hurting and he winced as he aimed at The Queen, waiting for an opening so he didn't hit Crystal...


As she continued to defend and teleport around the man, she made half the blade open up to reveal an odd glowing blue blade beneath. Twisting in place, she took a deep gash to her left side as she swung Dearest and slammed the blade into The Hand's neck.

"Just die!" She screamed.

The Hand issued digital gurgles and clutched at his throat. "Die... die... die..." The damage to his body from her attack had cracked the helmet which fell open to reveal the horrid cyberized skull underneath, no flesh, just bare bone and brain wired up to machines, even The Hand's eyes were gone, hollow sockets with machines nestled inside to allow him to see. "Die... Die... diiiIIIiiiEEEEeeEeEEeeE..."

And with that, The Hand had been slain.

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