Queenslayer Has Fallen (V)

The Queen deflected each arrow Crystal sent her way, and sadly Crystal's fury had resulted in her not seeing Jhonen was ready to end this with a final shot, but she was in the line of fire, and Jhonen couldn't risk shooting Crystal. The Queen advanced on Crystal with each arrow she parried, and soon she was on top of her. Swiping her bow out of her hands before grabbing her by the throat. "I am The Queen of Jericho, you little bitch!"

Suddenly a blur struck The Queen in the side, releasing Crystal as the Queen tumbled to the side. As The Queen rose up to meet her new attacker she was surprised to see Matilda.

"So you chose..." The Queen sneered at her daughter.

"I chose the one who actually loves me." Matilda said, brandishing her knives.

The Queen laughed. "You stupid girl... All you've done is assure the end of this game..." She looked to the techs who had been watching in horror this whole time. "Fire the sidewinders!"

The techs jumped and got to work, firing the missiles which began to soar in wild trajectories towards Queenslayer base. Their movements so wild and erratic that the defenses couldn't track them.

"Evacuate the base!" Syn broadcasted to the entire team. "High yield explosives inbound!"


The cyber-dragon roared as its last eye was clawed out by Medallion. It began to swipe wildly at nothing, trying in vain to retaliate. Lightning struck randomly now. And as the missiles advanced on the base it was clear that there was no saving it.

Hilda watched in horror as the sidewinders made their way to their home. Even she couldn't track them, and the ground forces were beating her Panzer armor more than she expected. She fired more micro-missiles at them while the systems failed.

The sidewinders hit their target, massive explosions rocked Queenslayer base, secondary explosions resulted from their own stockpile of weapons being ignited only added to the destruction as the base was reduced to fiery debris.

"You fuckers!" Hilda hollered at The Crimson forces. "Fucking die!" She began to fire wildly at any and every Crimson mook she could find.


Matilda screamed at her mother and rushed her, leaping at her and trying to go in with a flying kick. The Queen, however, caught it effortlessly and grinned. "I trained you, you ungrateful brat!" She then slammed Matilda into the ground and twisted her foot, a loud snap issuing which caused Matilda to scream in pain.

Then a bullet hit The Queen in the shoulder. She turned and glared at Jhonen, who had finally gotten the opening he'd been waiting for.

"Let her go!" Jhonen roared.

The Queen laughed. "No... this isn't over."

Jhonen shook his head. "Give it up... Just stop this..."

"I told you, it's too late for me... I am set on my path... I will rule this planet... And you will die!" The Queen inhales deeply then unleashes a torrent of fire from her mouth, causing Jhonen to dive to the side as she begins to bathe the bridge in fire. A massive shadow came rushing from the starboard side, a massive red dragon burst through the view port and landed on the bridge, rocking the airship before The Queen gripped her crippled daughter by the collar of her suit and hopped onto her dragon, who continued to bathe the room in fire. "This world will burn!"

The fires spread quickly, consuming the bridge unnaturally fast, claiming the techs and guards before they could flee. And as a result the airship began to careen towards the burning wreckage of Queenslayer base. The tilt cause everyone still alive on the bridge to slide along the ground as The Queen flew off on her dragon. Jhonen was able to grab his sword and stabbed it into the ground to keep himself from sliding any further. Then he tried to look for Crystal.

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