The Black Day

As the dragon lowered Jhonen onto the ground safely he looked up at the sky as smoke wafted into the sky. "Matilda... Matilda..." Jhonen said as he tried to process what had happened.


Hilda's suit was failing, the damage from the fight was overwhelming. So much so Hilda had to use her own personal power pack to keep the systems running for as long as it would allow, but now, it had completely failed. The suit opened up and Hilda had to clamber out with her legs limp and useless. She rolled onto her back and looked at the fiery wreckage of Queenslayer base... "Our home..." She fell back and started to cry.

Once everyone had been gathered in a spot near the wreckage of the base they had to take stock of the situation.

" we have to save her for Jhonen" she said. Crystal said.

Hilda frowned at her. "We can't really do that... if you haven't noticed... I can't WALK! And all my spare batteries and suits have been reduced to molten slag!" She sighed. "And we lost Syn..." That particular loss cut her deep. She had been fond of Syn and his nature had intrigued her. Now he was slag as well...

Then the sound of more dragons and vehicles approaching in the distance drew their attention.

"Rescue team from The Eyrie..." Jhonen muttered. He sat up. "Okay people... odds are with The Game over things have come to light... about me... You know what I did to get Matilda back, the deals I did, the laws I broke... Odds are The Dragoon are going to place me under arrest... I'm begging you all... don't fight them... act as if you've been oblivious to the whole thing... I tried keeping it a secret so you'd have that deniability and now is the time to use it..."

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