Like hell!

amuel bank the V-hawk turning it around to chase the queen he pushed the V-Hawk afterburners to their max. The cockpit lit up with alarms as his fuel was running out. The V-hawk turned back to where the base used to be. As the V-hawk slowed and circled the area a shadow flew by as Tempest was there to greet Samuel. He saw Jhonen and Crystal on the ground he hovered for a moment then landed he walked over to them he heard Jhonen say.

"Rescue team from The Eyrie..." Jhonen muttered. He sat up. "Okay people... odds are with The Game over things have come to light... about me... You know what I did to get Matilda back, the deals I did, the laws I broke... Odds are The Dragoon are going to place me under arrest... I'm begging you all... don't fight them... act as if you've been oblivious to the whole thing... I tried keeping it a secret so you'd have that deniability and now is the time to use it..."

" No I'm not going to abandon you and this is not even close to over" Crystal snaped angrily. She glared at the rescue team." This is not over Jhonen they still have Matilda and that God dam bitch is not dead yet." She yelled kicking the sand. The dragons around then started to roar echoing Crystals anger.

"We will follow your plan, though." She finally stated, petting her dragon gently. Medallion had been making all kinds of displeased noises and paced half the time before returning to her again and again. The only things he had left were her and the small medallion hanging from around his neck.

"Right we are just to sit back and do nothing? like hell!" said Samuel. "I am with Crystal on this one said Samuel as Tempest nudged Samuel. "See even Tempest agrees" says Samuel. "But I will respect your orders."

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