The True Enemy

Jhonen nodded and thanked them all. He was proud to know such good dragoon, good friends. "Don't worry... I had a plan for this in place..."

The Dragoon rescue team did indeed come. And they did indeed have a warrant for Jhonen's arrest.

"Peacekeeper Jhonen Cross. It has come to light that you have committed crimes against The Jericho Council, The Dragoon, and Jericho itself. You are under arrest for crimes ranging from murder to grand theft... and treason. You will be sentenced to death immediately..."

"Treason?" Jhonen was genuinely surprised by that one. Then things fell into place... "The Council..." This had proven to him something he'd long suspected. The Council was in the pocket of The Megacorps... And with The Queen's confession of being linked to them it was clear that someone high up had been working behind the scenes to make sure she was well protected. The first Operation Queenslayer and its failure now made perfect sense.

"My team was unaware of my actions. I acted alone... I ask you to spare them..."

"Their guilt will be determined at a later date... for now... come quietly..."


Jhonen waited in a cell. He seemed rather calm for someone who had been sentenced to death in a matter of minutes, and was now waiting execution. But again, Jhonen had expected this of The Queen. The game was over and his protection under the Crimson Rule was revoked. He was in the wind... figuratively speaking... but he would be adding literally to that in a moment.

For the man who came to lead him to the public execution was none other than Kullen Deckard... Head Thief of The Syndicate.

"I got an arm for you and some weapons... A spinner's waiting for you outside." Deckard said with a smirk. "So... you know where you're going?"

Jhonen looked to Deckard and gave him a wry grin. "Going to get my daughter..."


Hilda was also situated in a holding cell, in a wheel chair to boot. She was irate and pissed. The treason charge was a clear attempt to silence Jhonen and get him out of the way. Her involvement in his actions was too great to cover up and now she too was dealing with the consequences... if only it had been after she had managed to save Matilda...

"Hilda Sinclair..." The Council Judge said as they doled out her sentence. "For your actions aiding Jhonen Cross in crimes against the council you will be sentences to life in prison without the possibility of parole..."

"Heavy Metal... It's Heavy Metal Hilda you puffy shirted ponce. And if I had my legs I'd kick you in the ass. Jhonen is a fucking hero, he brought The Crimson Kingdom to its knees. That bitch's terror is over because of him."

"And how you went about it broke several laws... laws you must pay for breaking."

"Oh stuff it. We done?"


Dekcard met with the rest of the Queenslayers at the rendezvous point. However he did not have Jhonen with him...

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