Midnight continued to circle the canyon until he heard the sound if Dasten’s roar. He gave one more roar then tucked his wings and dove into the canyon. It did not take him long to find Dasten. Midnight landed behind Dasten and quality started to try and free him from the rest of his bounds. He let out several high pitched chirps as he worked.

The chips bounced off the canyon walls just as the Raors did. Crystal turned her head and stopped. ”Can you hear that it's Midnight” she said pointing towards the mane camp and down to the bottom of the Canyon. ”Judging by Midnight, chirp he's not captured. I'll bet he's trying to help Dasten” she said.

She looked at the other two she did not know about them but she was going down to where the Dragons were.” I'm going after them you coming” she asked crystal. It did not bother her that she did not halve a weapon she did not need one to protect Midnight and Dasten” if they have harmed a scale on your Dragon Anna I'm going to ripe all off them into tiny timepieces cook the. Into chilly and feed them to the red Queen you with me” she asked. The determined look on her face was one that many know not to mess with.

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