Fallout of All Your Sins

Deckard regarded Crystal's threat with bemusement. "Jhonen is fine... but Hilda... well... that's what we need to address... You see, you guys were easy to get out of Jericho's Landing because The Council still thinks you were just used by Jhonen. They don't know the truth, and so security was pretty lax. But getting both Jhonen and Hilda out of high security holding... not so easy... They are taking Hilda to The Pit..."

The Pit was Jericho's most notorious prison. The prison used exclusively by The Dragoon for the most severe offenders who didn't quite deserve the death penalty in their eyes. Originally a mining colony in the first days of Jericho's landing, the depths of the mine went deep into the planet, but once the resources were tapped it became useless until The Dragoon coopted it and turned it into a prison. A prison guarded by dragons...

Deckard adjusted his sneaking suit and grunted before he looked to them all. "As for Jhonen..."

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