Plans and Action

"Crystal, you know you in charge right now. You are the only commission officer we have until Jhonen return" he said with some pride. "you have grown a lot and I trust you." he said looking into her eyes. His body changed he looked sad. "Liston, I know things have changed a lot you have the new dragons to take care of. I can't compete with the newfound ability you have with the dragons. I can see you don't have time for other things in your life." he said trailing off some. " So I do understand if you walk away from us. We had a good run at it you know." He said with some sadness. "Know that I am always here for you," he said then paused. "I have some supplies that I scrounged and have them here at our temp base." he said smiling. "what are your orders?"


Deckard adjusted his sneaking suit and grunted before he looked to them all. "As for Jhonen..."

"That does not give us much of a choice. we can hit them when they move her or break her out," said Samuel. "This place is a temporary base we have here. we should fiend a place farther into the mountains" he said to Deckard and Crystal. "My thought on this is to get her out when they transport her to the Pit. It will be our best chance. I have scrounged some supplies but not much." Samuel said with a big smile.
he looked back at the pile of equipment. I do think we have enough to pull this rescue operation off though" He says.

"By the way Deckard, I know Jhonen trusts you but I don't know you well. If you are crossing us in any way. There will not be enough of you to identify." said Samuel.

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